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Professional Body Jewelry, Piercings and Curated Piercings

Here at EmbellishMe, we specialize in body piercings and fine jewelry. That's it. No distractions, just beautiful jewelry in a bright, clean atmosphere. 



Our goal here at EM is to provide you with only the best jewelry from world-renowned, US made vendors. 

Everything we carry is an implant grade material such as ASTMF-136 Titanium or is a 14/18k nickel and cadmium-free solid gold. 

Most of the vendors we carry come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturers so you know that what you are purchasing, will be beautiful for ever.

Some of the vendors include:





Sleeping Goddess

Peoples Jewelry

Fine Jewelry and Custom Orders

Free* Kids Piercings

Ages 5-12 ONLY

Here at EM we believe in safety and choice above everything else for kids piercings.

We never use piercing guns, so you are promised a sterile and safe procedure for your child every time performed by trained, licensed professionals.

Per DHEC regulations, we will need a photo ID for the child, with parents ID as well.


For more information, please call or email us before scheduling an appointment for your child.

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Tooth Gems, Anodizing and Other Services

  • Tooth Gems are a fun way to add a little sparkle to your smile. A simple, non invasive procedure using dental grade adhesive and UV lighting glues the gemstone to your teeth for a shiny, long-lasting twinkle on your teeth. 

  • Anodizing: a fancy word for electrocuting the jewelry in a solution that changes the reflective property of the metal. AKA: Magic 

  • Tapering and ear stretching the safe and right way. 

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