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General Aftercare 

This is a quick look at general aftercare instructions you will receive via email during your piercing appointment with us. Please keep in mind every body is different and will heal differently. These are generalized healing times and wound care suggestions.

If you are experiencing any issues with your piercings, do not follow any instructions below until you have contacted your local body piercer for a check up.                    

Remember we are always here to help, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Basic Instructions

  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIERCINGS- no spinning, turning rotating etc.

  • Spray with sterile saline 2x day at most. NO contact saline, "piercing cleaners" from those stores, or Alcohol/Peroxide based substances.

  • Use hot water in the shower to gently rinse your piercings every time you shower.

  • Cover BEFORE doing make-ups, hair products, or using any other kind of beauty routine. Small round bandages or sandwich bags are best (no tape, pimple patches, or anything silly like that..)

  • First 6 days you can do a COLD compress with your sterile saline for 5-10 min

  • Week 2-4 weeks you may use a WARM compress with your sterile saline to help blood flow to the area and clean

  • Come back in 4-6 weeks for check up (unless suggested otherwise by piercer) 

Healing Times

What to Expect

Please remember everyone's body is different, and healing will vary person to person.

Week 1 - Inflammation:   Swelling, redness and clear fluids are normal.

Week 2-4 - Healing Begins:   Yellow *crusties* form, scabbing, pus like substances coming from piercing, bleeding, soreness, redness, all of these things are completely normal !

Week 4-6 - Check Up/ Downsizing:    Check in with your piercer because we may need to adjust the jewelry. This is very important, failure to do so may alter the healing process (in a bad bad way) and cause further complications to your piercing(s).

Check Ups

It is important to get your piercings checked by a piercer the first month of healing. We will check the size of your jewelry and see if it needs to be adjusted so the piercing continues to heal properly. We are always here if you have any questions or if you think you have an issue!

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